A day at Father Larkin

9.15am Children arrive - take their coats to cloakroom (member of staff to help), take their names off the whiteboard and put in blue tray.

9.15am-10.00a.m. - Freeplay childrens choice of activity.

10.00 am Doors open to outside area where there are a wide range of resources to access.

10 - 11.30am Free choice of play, Art work to take home, Maths, Construction, Role play, Writing Area, Computer Table, Water Tray, Sand Tray, Malleable area, (playdough, plasticene, cornflour) , Science area, Library area (for choice of book to read and take home), Nature Table.

11.20-11.30 am Tidy up time - everyone helps!

11.30 am Wash hands for Lunch, Register and Phonics

11.30 am-12.00 Lunchtime

12.15 pm Cats (older children) Story Time, talk about 'Theme of the week' Counting 1-20 and beyond, Counting 1-5 in French, Shapes and Group discussions.

12.00 pm - Kittens (younger children) Story Time, (using props), talk about 'Theme of the week', Counting 1-10 in English, Shapes, Colour recogition, Learning new words, Building Confidences.

12.30-12.45pm Outside Games and Physical Play - Parachute, Ring games, 'Farmers in his den', Mr Wolf, Exercises, Instruments Box, Songs.

12.45pm-1.00 p.m. Preschool songs e.g. Tommy Thumb, Jelly on my Plate, Wind the Bobbin up, Five Cheeky, Monkeys, ABC Song, Nursery Rhymes and many more.

1.00pm Time to go home!

Our weekly theme

Week 1  Birds (St Georges Day)


Week 2  Plants/Flowers/Trees


Week 3 Animals/My Pets


Week 4 & 5  Mini Beasts


Week 5 & 6  Sea Life















We would be grateful if any parents were able to bring in any items relating to our theme.