A day at Father Larkin

9.15am Children arrive - take their coats to cloakroom (member of staff to help), take their names off the whiteboard and put in blue tray.

9.15am-10.00a.m. - Freeplay childrens choice of activity.

10.00 am Doors open to outside area where there are a wide range of resources to access.

10 - 11.30am Free choice of play, Art work to take home, Maths, Construction, Role play, Writing Area, Computer Table, Water Tray, Sand Tray, Malleable area, (playdough, plasticene, cornflour) , Science area, Library area (for choice of book to read and take home), Nature Table.

11.20-11.30 am Tidy up time - everyone helps!

11.30 am Wash hands for Lunch, Register and Phonics

11.30 am-12.00 Lunchtime

12.15 pm Cats (older children) Story Time, talk about 'Theme of the week' Counting 1-20 and beyond, Counting 1-5 in French, Shapes and Group discussions.

12.00 pm - Kittens (younger children) Story Time, (using props), talk about 'Theme of the week', Counting 1-10 in English, Shapes, Colour recogition, Learning new words, Building Confidences.

12.30-12.45pm Outside Games and Physical Play - Parachute, Ring games, 'Farmers in his den', Mr Wolf, Exercises, Instruments Box, Songs.

12.45pm-1.00 p.m. Preschool songs e.g. Tommy Thumb, Jelly on my Plate, Wind the Bobbin up, Five Cheeky, Monkeys, ABC Song, Nursery Rhymes and many more.

1.00pm - 2.00 pm   Older Children      -   Develop understanding of phonics

                                    Younger Children  -  Develop language skills through play 

Our weekly theme

Week 1  Birds (St Georges Day)


Week 2  Plants/Flowers/Trees


Week 3 Animals/My Pets


Week 4  Mini Beasts


Week 5  Sea Life















We would be grateful if any parents were able to bring in any items relating to our theme.