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Established in 1970

Father Larkin preschool was set up in 1970 and has been running for over 50 years. It operated for many years in the South Norwood area until it moved to its present location in Sydenham.

It caters for children between the ages of  2 to 5 years and its aim is to provide good quality childcare at an affordable cost. All staff are qualified and have been working at the preschool for many years, they are highly experienced and motivated. We aim to provide a rich and caring environment where children gain confidence by engaging in stimulating play through developmentally appropriate resources and activities. All children are respected and their individual potential recognised, valued and nurtured during their time with us.

The History of Father Larkin Pre School

Father Larkin Pre-school has been in existence since 1970, having moved from its humble beginnings in a portacabin to the church hall at St. Joseph's Infant School, and finally to its present location.


Fr Edward Bartholomew Larkin died on December 6th 1960. He is buried in the convent ground on a site he chose himself. He devoted almost fifty years of his life to the priesthood and was awarded many medals for his parish work and for missions. He had been in the Croydon and Norwood area since 1920 supporting the schools and in particular, the orphanage attached to the convent. In the early days the preschool was run with the help of the nuns and the mothers of the children in true community spirit.


If Father Larkin left us with a legacy, surely it must be that of community and serving our children. It would be a tribute to his memory if we could rekindle the interest parents took in the early days of the group, to watch it and our children grow in the spirit and hope of friendship.


B. Benati 9.12.95


We are a registered charity pre school.

Please contact Cherry Klauber on Mob: 07960 759 045 if you need any further information